Super B

This 2000 Doepker Super B had seen better days. After a thorough pressure washing this old unit shed most of its crossmember strength. We took it all apart and fixed it up right. We removed every crossmember on both front and rear trailers and replaced them with new steel. Both trailers then got sand blasted and painted. We finished the structural repairs off by replacing all the wiring, lights, reflective tape and a brand new deck.


Even after all this we still weren't done... We stripped and replaced the entire air system. New hoses, valves, tanks, bags, brake pots and fittings were installed


The final bit of TLC this old unit recieved was a complete new undercarriage. We removed and replaced all s-cams, cam bushings, wheel bearings, wheel seals, brake shoes, brake drums and shocks


After all said and done this poor old girl came out beautifully with a fresh CVIP to a very happy client who still runs her to this day.

Zoom in on the pictures to see just how much corrosion had taken place